Warm, Authentic Storyteller

Dani States Professional Voice Over Artist

Clients describe Dani’s voice and delivery as authentic, warm and engaging. Most days, you’ll find Dani working from her Source-Connect enabled home studio – with Moose, her faithful studio dog, listening (and directing) right outside the booth.

Let Dani Do the Talking for You!

 Professional, Highly Directable  and Great to Work With.

Dani States is a professional female voice over talent.

She leverages more than 15 years of marketing experience to deliver voice over services to clients worldwide. Dani regularly records commercial voice overs for radio and TV, corporate explainers, web videos and telephone response system messaging.

Whether she’s recording female narration voice over for corporate narration, web videos, tutorials, explainer videos and technical medical narration, Dani brings an element of herself and her personality to each and every voice over job. Dani’s phone voice over services include phone prompts and messages-on-hold marketing for companies in the United States, Canada and the UK. Listen to her female voice over demos and request a quote or schedule a session today!

Work with Dani on your next voice over project. She’ll lend her uniquely warm, relatable and professional voice acting style to your brand.


“Continues to Over Deliver. An utmost Professional, making me Look Good and blowing my clients away.”

David Marcus
Creative MotionGraphics

“Great Work … amazingly Fast Turnaround time!”

Matthew Dauphinais
InSync Business Group

“Dani went Above and Beyond… Great customer Service and Flexibility.”

Sarah Martin
Aylesbury Publishing/Greatness Within


Clear, Conversational Narrator

“Dani is a Rock Star. So helpful. So On-Point.”

Shandin Fisher
CU Direct

“VERY easy to work with… Made the process a Breeze for us.”

Michael Cardwell
Digital Brew

“An Absolute Dream to work with. She was Professional, Friendly and super quick!”

Nicholas Martin
Crush Creative

Studio Specs

Sweet Sennheiser 416
UA’s Apollo Solo pre-amp – Mac Mini – Audition Creative Cloud

All housed in a state-of-the-art Vocal Booth
Noise floor hovering at -70db
(shhhhhh… be vehw-wy vehw-wy quiet…)


Need Help with Your Script?

If you do, with nearly 20 years of marketing and advertising experience in food and beverage, financial services and high tech, I have the expertise to help you refine your message or to start from scratch. I’ll work with your team to develop great copy that represents your brand and delivers results!

Post Production

I am available for directed sessions via SourceConnect, Skype or phone patch. Depending on your needs, I offer post-production of voice over audio and can include your music bed of choice – all you have to do is add the visuals that complete the story! Or I’ll send clean, un-processed files in the format of your choice (aif, wav, mp3, etc) for your audio engineer to complete.

If you’re looking for a broadcast quality voice over with VIP service, look no further… you’ve come to the right place!

I will deliver the voice over you need… when you need it!


“Great to work with… gave us the Perfect Voice for our project.”

Luke Vanden Bosch
Prince Edward County

Great Voice and very Quick Response!”

Buzz Wire

“Dani was Great! Knew exactly how Best to Deliver takes so that I would have Options.”

Jeremy Kemp
Pixel House Creative



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